Monday, June 15, 2009

Book Club Premiere / Epic's Graduation Party

6/13 - Book Club world premiere party at Pat's

Premiere night.

Pat had a hot date for the big night..

Karen was pretty jealous..

Pitch being not that gay.

Finally on the big screen..


Sick video Pat! Good job, homie..

Besss friennns.

Looking cool while holding beer..

Someone wasn't really feeling Black Jon..

Pizza party!!

Family room.

Fancy feet.

Eww.. kinda..

Palm readings.


Fuchs.. doing the smoking robot..

Lap craze.

Dance the night away.

The video. The creator. The finger.

When Fuchs was younger.. He used to draw dicks..


Unger & Tadpole engaging in gang signs.

Copping feels.

Not a gangbang.

Welcome to our porch..

Owen - Porchside.

Sebastian - Porchside.

Yea Bob!!

People under the stairs.

Spoiled photograph.

Doing business while being friends.



Pat tried to fight his computer.

Pat literally shed blood for this video.

It's fun to bad things.. Like get blood on your brother's bed.

Mansoor.. regulating..

Intro to Wing Night?

Pat was denied of hood rat stuff.

Karen vs. Fuchs.

Almost bedtime..

Spilling craze.

Fuchs was being half a homo.

Karen staring down Unger.


The eyes of a champion.

Read it and weep.

6/14 - Epic's Graduation Party

The graduate.

Biggest card ever.

Free trips.

Cutting the rug.

Dance Hall favorites.

Balloon tricks.

Matt & the grad. Well done, Epic.

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