Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Armageddon Premiere/Lufkin Halloween Jam Pics: 10/29 & 10/30

The man and his masterpiece.

Ready to get this party started..

Connor was a unibomber.

The french painter at work..

Stock roommate shot.


Mummies vs. Myspace.

Cary Elwes, Jason Lee & Wishbone.

Black out dem eyes..

Día de los Muertos & a ghost.

Rich's costume killed it the most.

Nick & Luke!

Taylor's hair was tough as nails.

Pauly B and whatever Sholkoff was..

Full house!!! 40 people in one room?

Some that weren't visible in the picture above..

Growler, check.

Projector, check.

Let the games begin..

Jessee/Gator sighting.. no bigs..

Taylor getting some tounge action.

Somehow Sholkoff got hold of the camera..

"They're fake.. don't worry.."

The sun?

Kitchen situation..

Bob & Shannon.

Cap sighting!

Taylor.. Goin' in!

Uhm.. we have a hostage situation in the kitchen..

Backside shred the kitchen to blackout to fakie..

Case of the MUNDAYS.

Buchmann's video premiere in Tony's basement.

Louie & Joey.

Lufkin was all lit up..

Tony & Manchild.

Chad was in the zone..

Blunt fakie in costume has become a yearly tradition.

Memento was king of the flatbottom shuffle.

Dylon, Dylon, Dylon and back smiths..

Peeping some layback grinds?

Marewolf and Gator's kill..

Todd really was a real-life pizza man.

Chad was on another level.. Sandwiches, drumsticks.. etc..

Brokepat Mountain?