Monday, October 31, 2011

Black Jon Time Machine #2 - 11/1/11

Black Jon gettin' all Doctor Emmett Brown on yo ass..

Happy Halloween!!

Steve Fletch drops a little skateboard candy for us with the Slowpokes 2 trailer (Steve's footage that was supposed to be in Spring Ahead).

Halloween Weekend pics & Manorhaven clip will drop on Wednesday night most likely.. We'll have Patrick Ryan's "Sex Tape" up as soon as he puts it on Vimeo.. Hopefully within the next few days.

Special thanks to Tony Memento for his hospitality on Friday evening and to all that attended the Costume Party/Sex Tape premiere party at 20 Dewey on Saturday evening. Good times!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Manorhaven Skatepark.

Joeface comes through with some heat..

NY Skateboarding also just wrote up a little article on the new park. Check it out here.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Rollternative Sports!

This is all you need to be watching on the internet right now.

Commence "Operation Occupy Your Couch" and laugh at these:

October Randomness..

We had a visit from a Chicagoian..

Yo Quiero Taco Bell?

Goin' hard for Sex Tape..

Rich - Slappie 50-50

Tighten r' up with the new wrench board.

Facetime Shmacetime..

4 Aly's?

Dinner Dewey Party for disabled Black Jonathorn.

Black Jon's black-ass toe.

Donut party in Brooklyn.

Black Jon's at a party?

Mask off..

Mask on.

Plastic hand + Megan.

Pat goin' in.

Bright and earls..

View of the park + standing on top of a quarter/hip section.

Pbj time.

Couple bros at Sunset.

Sex Tape spot check.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sunday Funday - 10/9/11

Sunday Funday with some buds.

Oh, hi doggie.

Cold Spring Buddies.

Fillin' up for the ride.

Gary psyched..

Gary not so psyched.

Barrier biz.

Yup, uh huh, ok.

New wheels for Ben.

Enjoy the ride.

Bump to barrr..

Gary discovers Wallie World!!

Worst traffic situation at this spot.

We lurkin'..

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Tall Order..

The Brentwood local and all around Long Island ripper known as Tall Tom has just started his own cooking blog. He primarily eats a lot of "chicken and spicy food", but by the looks of it, there are many different types of recipes coming down the pipe. So, go here for some wholesome, easy recipes that are created by one of Long Island's tallest skateboarders. Enjoy.


Hell yeah.. Antifornia.

New Blog Header!

Thanks to Brigette for the new header, looks yummy!

Weekend Randoms: 10/1 - 10/2

Drastic Mastic sesh with Bok Jon.

Rained out.. :*(

Sorry Bob, gonna have to wait.

Yup, PA in the house..

Fun for all at the YMCA.

Horizontal rock climbing.

Custom cards made by Aly!

New toof for Kurtzy.

Bok Jon/birthday girl.

Upstairs maneuvers.

Katie was way psyched on her gifts.

Kitchen was starting to pop off.

Trip says.. "Wrinklebuttons get a thumbs up".

Matt's new gear.

Gary putting in work.. Trip documenting the work.

Matt putting the hammock to good use.

Pennsylvania getting a view of Connecticut.

Shark Week in Paul's car..

A couple of guys at Five Guys timing Kurtz eat.

Anddd.. That's gonna be time for Kurtz.