Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dean's House/Bethlehem: 4/24 - 4/25

Lulu was obviously excited about Dean's last day of student teaching.

Lan & Haji.

Mark & Lilly.

Yeah Dean!


2 Steel Reserves & Fire.


Paul shared a cigar with Deano.

Fire it up.

Smoke up, homie!

Fire crew.

Dark figures.

Ender ender.


Got to Paul's early for some grapefruit, gossip and tunes.

Plan B bagels?

Eat where you shred.


The old pee in the bottle trick.

Great success.


The sunroof was clutch.

Trippy stars and stripes.

We reached Homebase successfully.

A young Homebase local gives Kuato the thumbs up.

Spring on 4th!

The setup.

Wes Buck was shredding the Red Bull barrier.

Colbert's back on the blog scene.


Andy V!

Chili girls at Blue Sky Cafe.


After the street jam, we skated 378 ditch.

Bank to parking block.

Camo 40's!

Wacky faces.

10 sec. self-timer.

We met up with Andy V after 378 to skate A-town. Snitches get stitches.

Church folk were not too psyched on us.


Sunset in Allentown.

Ended the day off with skating a ditch at sunset.


Food quest.

The Great Coronaholio.

Ninja vanish.

After dinner we stopped in at the Blue Sky Cafe.

Phil Ballins & Hank Tate were putting the 0 in the 610.

The crowd was hyped.


Good times in Bethlehem. See you guys soon!