Thursday, July 30, 2009

Can life get any better?

"Robbie, where's buttbeads at?"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Washington/Vancouver Trip: 7/3 - 7/8

4th of July in Bellingham, Washington.

Jackson lives!

Brett, always cooking up a good breakfast.

Mt. Baker.

Tubing preparation.

River Rats!


Pete was amused by the war vet's coin trick.

A ghostly Travis.

Genevieve in some sparkler action.

Bellingham fireworks show.

Grand finale.

Wild in the streets.

The bomb squad.

Tour of the fish hatchery.

Fish Ladder.


Somebody got it done on a budget..

U.S. side.

Canada side.

Best place on earth, eh?

Bridge time.

Stopped in at Anti Social.

Saw some old sticks.

Street fair hockey game.

Budgie's Burritos was tight.

Strathcona Skatepark.

Find your roots.

Stanley Park.

A trail full of wildlife.


This guy was out of his mind.


Forget the swan.

The Lost Lagoon.


Lagoon view.

Bushes eat bottled water.

Ivy league.

The sun going down by Stanley Park.

Oh, Canada.

Salmon Spinach Artichoke Dip.

Nice views.

Raise your glass.

Early mornings with Jackson.

Nice flatground spot.


Slant spot.


Travis and Kendra's ice cream.

Rain.. putting a damper on the street mission.

World's largest remote?

Best friends.

Asia Market had the legit sign.


Pre-dinner photo.

Brett.. Rolling up some sushi.

Sushi appetizers.

Proper meals.

Sangria walks.

Destroy & rebuild.

Needle-in-foot trauma.

In shock.

High Fives on I-5.

Downtown Seattle.

Apartment hunting.

Space Needle.

Cesar 1.

Cesar 2.

Cesar 3.

A fine display of bathroom graffiti.

Stumbled across a gnarly bowl in Ballard.

Bellevue Skate Plaza = Heaven.

Group photo.

Beauty and the Beast.

Andrew.. Coming up on some footage.

Best chinabanks ever.

Family reunion.


Leaving Bellevue.


Wes's anti-theft system for his ride.

2 hours in Chicago.


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