Friday, April 30, 2010

Wing Night / Skate Night

Wing Night - 4/28

Pat bringing candy band beer to the baseball game.

New situation..

Wing discussions.

Wing Night at Napper's.

Big thanks to Pat for the coozie.

Fallen soldiers.

Car bombs and jagerrr.

Pitch getting that mobile update on.

All winged out.

Skate Night at Ollie's Point - 4/29

Outback was raging.

Face lives.. Doesn't Jon look a few shades darker?

Team Hazel/Memento.

Taylor's blowout.

Fuchs.. Clearly psyched on bartending.

A couple of Matt's playing darts.

Shooting for bull.

Buck huntin'!

One week from today..

Kurtz & Jeff Wooler show at Homebase.

Save the date!!

Bikes, Beers, & Boards.

so hard to text and drive when I'm drunk from patrick ryan on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

For your HEALTH.

Kinda wish we lived in Australia..

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring on 4th Weekend: 4/23 - 4/24

Friday - We all hopped on Black Jon's razor scooter and were off to PA.


Mandatory Bronx Park sesh.

Almost Long Island..


Busch 40's?!? Get some.

Luke came up!

PTSS 2 Frame grab.. No bigs.

Country Boy Kurtz.

This guy..

Sleeping clothes on loan.

Saturday - Starting the day off right!

Black Jon was having a gear crisis..

Ledges for breakfast.

Stretch it out.

Jenna grabbing some covers.. No bigs..

Spring on 4th! Supporting the Bethlehem Skateplaza.

Po.. Goin' in!!

Clothing swap situation.

Josh didn't want to hear it.

Pay Shiner! Give him some loot for his medical bills..

Po was killing it on the mic for the high ollie contest!

Colby and a little mohawk dude.

Bunny hop, son!

Pat Villa was out!

A few fallen soldiers..

Double fisting.

The sidelines with margaritas in hand.

Luke was twiztedddd.

Wes's chili was bangin!

Soo good.. BIG MONEY.

Cutest dog ever?

Paul kickflipping his way to the final round.

The judges table.

Wucha thinkin about?

Uphill battles.

Can't come to Allentown without skating Stairwell B.

Gary.. Backing his taco.

Good ol' Allentown.

Spots at your doorstep? Nice.

Paul posting up with an alley loc.

Ladies and gentlemen.. Meet innovation.

We hit the Tavy for dinner.

Josh, super loc.


Gary said it best.