Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween buttons are in!!

The Halloween buttons have arrived today. Get them now before you kiddies hit the streets for trick or treating on Saturday.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Homebase 80's Skate Jam Weekend

The Reaper wished us farewell from Luke's.

Quick warehouse sesh.

Brendan's ghost.

Josh & Luke setting the mood.

You're Welcome crew.

Mighty Coincidence.


Kurtz snagged a babe in the rain.

Raging at Tally Ho.

A Wild Ark disguised himself as a napkin holder.

Call the Laundromat or the Halal Meats store?

Glory days.

Wild Arks made it to Bethlehem.

This pretty much sums up the evening.

Started the morning off right at The Goose.

We Are Extremely Sorry That There Was Too Much Clay And Crappy Music.

Phil was caught in a Luke sandwich!!

Aw krud.

Trojan Beer Helmet.

Deadly conditions.

The last victim of the ramp when it was wet.

Hand Boarding.. Killing it.

Red Butt.

Tavy sesh.



We headed into Easton for Luke's brother's party.

A young Mike Emery.

Gumby & Shrunken Head.

Arkbark vs. Shmark.

Custom Arks.

All kinds of killing it.

Tossin' dem thangs.

Futuristic Taylor.

Basement brawls.

Wes got out of the Gumby costume for a minute.

Bearded 80's jogger.

A metaphor for life.

Lehigh bros were feeling MJ.

Taylor making friends.

Luke making friends.

Worst dude ever.

Pools were closed.. Bars were closed..

Plastic window!

Autumn mornings.

WIld Arks got Luke in the night.

Real talk.

$4.97 well spent.

Valley views.

Homebase 80's Skate Jam!!

Berner & Kyle.. In cut-off mode.

Luigi sighting.

Dustin's whole setup was tight.

Colbs had the ill shorts.

Downhill challenge.

Christian Hosoi was calling the shots.

The crowd was getting ready for some spills..

Documentation by Bubba.

Gary & Allison were killing it.

Kurtz grilling Louzo.

V was looking like straight up Tommy Guerrero.

Saugy S.K.A.T.E. finals - Dustin vs. Kyle.

Not too sure what Devonte was.. But he was killing it.

Andrew Colbert - True 80's form.

Game over brah.

Phil was killing the mic.

Kurtz came up on a prize.. Must have been the board he was riding..

Jump Ramp - Distance Contest.

Phillies fan.. Chill..

Andy V was killing the wallride.

Talk of the town.

Taylor is backing Stahley's.

Table talk.

Shots on Lorenzo.

Cheers buds.

Down the hatch for Gary.

Pinball Wizard.

Go Yankees.

See ya'll next time.