Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dennis Busenitz - Adidas Diagonal

Maybe a little late on this, but this is gnarly. Comin' in real hot @ 3:27.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tri Engel

Classic throwback. Rich & Oswald getting shifty.

Monday, September 28, 2009

A message from Yogi Tea.

We don't like em'

Last weekend of September: 9/25 - 9/27

Jersey Dave's Birthday Bash.

Team Butt & Mr Eggers.

Fire status.



Team Outback America.

Costco cake.

Art session.

Butt smokes cigarettes now.. There goes the neighborhood.

Wild Arks.

Slobby.. hiding from Marino.

Kyle, plotting something evil.

The aftermath.

Slobby.. hiding from Marino again.

Brendan battling the blaze.

In flames.

Early drawing session.


Pancakes... Pancakes.

A work of aarrrrk.

The mission for Saturday..

Attn: Steve Fletch.

Alex doing work.

Defeating the Wild Arks.

Stacking clips.

For Huck Fink.

Jersey Dave.

Skateboard = shovel.

Hip school.

Justin logging clips at the spot.. No biggie.



On display.

Last spot of the day.

Different perspectives.

Jersey Dave and Scotty.

Get off the track!

Josh's support group.

An evening at Pangaeaman's house.

Slugs.. We don't like em'

Outdoor viewing pleasure.

Unger's edit.

"My name's Dookie Head".

Sucked into the world of YouTube.

Mr. Winkle.

An alien?

Billy Joel Park.


Putting Cold Spring Harbor on the map..