Saturday, July 30, 2011

4th of July - Bethlehem, PA Trip - 2011

4th of July_Bethlehem Trip - 2011 from Kuato Lives on Vimeo.


Be A Manwolf Today from ├ęS Skateboarding on Vimeo.

Through the eyes of Bubba..

Some old footage of Bubba and company over in the 610.

43 Magazine

Check out Allen Ying's new mag that's in the works. Go to the site to make a donation for future mags/release parties/etc... Jay Grabowski gets a few seconds of fame in this clip as well.

43 Magazine.

More Cali Rippers..

Saturday, July 16, 2011

4th of July Weekend Pics: 7/2 - 7/6

First trip for the new whip.. Let's roll!

Snaping flicks early.

Let the trip begin..

Wrong way bro!!

Zaaaaa sesh.

Pat's first trestle mission.

Trestle bros.

Basement jam sesh.

Met up with Po & company at Brotto's.

Party at Ryan's house!

Quad rides.. So hot right now..

Tools of the trade.

Best of both worlds..

Late night tennis battles.

Pat's at a party!

Po-lympic Diving.

Knee carnage.

Rager at Gary's house.

Proper dinner on the grill.

Pump this party..

Juice grilin'.


Pat seeking shelter from the rain.

Tight crew at Gary's crib..

Who's the tallest Theo here??

Po pulling a Black Jon.

Trip killing it on the mic.

Innovative opening techniques..

Throwin' up the horns, Loko style.

Jon getting his beauty sleep before 4th of July.

Rough start for Matt..

Gettin' barreled.

Army Navy stop for some floating devices.

Flags flying high.

Assemble your crew..

Let's roll!

Loko tubin'.

Git. Twizted. Now.

Matt/Pat and some steel.

Luke's back!

4th of July!!

Country boy Kurtz.


River life.

Big thanks to Dustin for snappin' some pics from his raft!!

Lindsey & Colbert.

Gary Bonds.


First time for everything..

Tubed out.

4th of July ramp sesh.

Gene lives!!

Fully Sex Taped.

Mandatory Tommy Guns stop.

Yeah Funky!!

Philly Krust.

Ended the day off at Pops Park.

Rachel's crib.

Hey Jess!

Uhm.. Pat?

Teenager in Love.

Thanks Rachel!

Breakfast skate/ride.

Back to Long Island.

That's all she wrote..