Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend: 11/25 - 11/29

Thanksgiving Eve dance party.

Found objects.

Juicebox, cleaning house.

Our guest for the evening.

Cross digi action.

Reppin' Gatorade!!

Early morning sink relief.

Hitchin' a ride.

Well.. Juicebox is..

Waiting room.

Pat, comin' in at a moderate temperature.

Word on the streets..

Lots of orange going on.

Spongebob Mosaic.

We're running low on Swax.. Please help us!

Thank you for putting an end to this god awful gap.

An evening at Paul's - The game prevails.

Amanda in High Def.

The game was about to jump off..



Get Arab Money.

Take a shot of Patron.

Run your hands up Pat's shirt.

Swap pants with Amanda.

Sexually undress Pat.

Freeze your pants for 5 minutes.

Animal morph.

Swap glasses with Amanda.

Draw a penis on Jessica's chest.

Draw a penis on Ian's chest.

Dick chest.

Can of butts.

Pipe dreams.

Through the pipes.

Excrement Alley.

Sidewalk prayers.

Gary taking pics of spots for Dustin.

Return to shwagland.

Nap time.

Broadway Bar.

420 son.



Varney throwing up the horns.

Hood rat stuff.


Star spangled breakfast.

Hot crew at the post office, 2 weekends in a row.

Carbaugh, stacking for his vid.

Ray's new setup.

Kieran, comin' in hot.

New sticks.

Portrait time for Gary.

Not so skateable banks..

Getting hilly.

Pangaeaman getting airborne.

Black Jon.. Blowing it 2 weekends in a row.

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