Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Outback America Weekend: 11/6 - 11/8

The sign of a good weekend to come..

Mobil sesh.

Stocking up on adult beverages.

Starting up the rage.

A is for Ark.

Pants malfunction.

Goin woodin'!!

Load up!

Seasoned dogs.

Porch raging.

Poker games.

Shot gunnin'.

Silly string was out..

Getting silly..


The results of muddin'.

Still raging.. 8 hours later..

Firearms department.


Taylor was backing Betty's 100%

Chicken Ark Bark.

Peaceful views.

Raging at the creek.

Skipping them stones.

Taylor's war paint.

Zen rocks.

Wu Tang graf is always great.

Playing football with the Leeds locs.

Gnar bank.

Street gap.

Alex came up on a pumpkin.

Wild Ark on blades.


Keith shutting down the Town of Catskill.

Victory feast.

Kyle came through with a beer helmet & palettes.

So it begins...

Rage commander.

Ramp situation.

Hansen SHUT it down.


Adding fuel to the fire.

Burning sitting devices.

Skull fire!! (Look real hard for 5 minutes).

Silly String came out yet once again..


Oh yeah.

Repping Kuato.

Yeah Xavier!

Man down.


Caitlin can save it.

End of the rage.

Raging so hard, forgot about food on the grill..

Uhhhhhh Keith.

Betty's - Round 2.

Backing Betty's yet once again.


Floating Keith head.



Smoked out.

Constructing one last rager.

Victory bacon.


Outback America t-shirt?

Kuato was living at Arby's.

Becca & Lauren!!

All good trips either start or end with a Throggs Neck session.

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