Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Weekend: 10/30 - 11/1

Halloween weekend. Full throttle.

Optimus Prime.

Jason Voorhees.

Tony Starks.

Gas masks??

The Habitat.

Ghosts and ghouls.

Connecticut reunion minus Paul Owen.

My So Called Friends.

Killing it, courtesy of 7-11.

Yo DJ, pump this party.

The return of Chris Redden!!!

Eyeball drink.

Yeah Ros!


Unger wore a horse on his head.

Spicing up the decorations.

Killing the dance floor..

Sholkoff sighting.

Head to head battles.

Gimme shelter.


Pee Wee & Ray Frech.

The Viking!!


Ramp bros.

Corey Duffel sighting!!

Paul shocking Buchmann.

Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

Pheo.. Stacking clips.

A Ninja Turtle and a Mustache showed up.

F*ck it holmes.

Liz - Uncle Gary - Pee Wee.

Jockeys and Vatos.

Ray, Bear Man, 80's shredder & The Hazel Bunny.

Lighting situation. Courtesy of Tony & The Ronz.

Black Jon! Get your paws off of Lou's girl!!


Babes of the kitchen.

Pheo. Drunken rabbit.

The old "floating eyeball" trick.

Short super-8 film from Skolnick, coming soon.

Duffel took a few hacks.

Mischief at dusk.

The Marewolf lives!!

Pee Wee shredding the drums.

Game 3.

Gary - Clearly over the Yankees beating the Phillies.

Checking to see if Reres is in good health.

Pheo's back pussy.

November 1st.

This chick is Toast.

Some of Gary's griptape maintenance advice.

Kool Aid & crew met up to shred.

Never again?

Are you sure they don't mean Black Thai?

Pat's eyes shoot light streams.

"Do slow shutter so it looks cool."

Victory/farewell dinner.

Running with the big dogs.

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