Monday, August 25, 2008

Rated Gnar - Throwaway Footage

Pheo put up a little throwaway clip up on the Hazel site. Check it out!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Open your mind!

There is some real creative skateboarding going down in the Far East.

Check it out:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oakley Ramp Jam - 8/19/08

Joe Mata invited some of the homies over for a little backyard bbq/ramp sesh. Shredding went down, good times were had, and many beers were consumed. Big thanks to Joe and Lisa Mata, all of the Oakley homies and Miller Genuine Draft. Here are some photos of what went down. Enjoy!

The Rolling O was tight!!

Otis was there, he wasn't skating though. He killed it before we got there.


Chopper Dave rolled through and Chad was back from New Hampshire!

Black Jon was in attendance.

"Memento was there.. it was crazy".

Chad and Tony.

Paul and the not-so-asian Black Jon.

The Best and Joe Mata.

Kannon was shredding.

Chad demonstrating the best trick in skateboarding (in his mind).

Mike gets down on some chicken apple sausage.

Lucho gets down on some griptape art.

Grill Master - Chris Tomlin.

Noah and Chopper,

Meat for days.

Otis's puke.

Otis.. After he puked.

Chris and Chopper.. inspection crew.

Lisa, stepped up to the plate and handled the puke.

Clean up crew.

Hanging Chad?

Chad - Coping dance in the dark!!

Almost lost Chad..

Chad got it in the gooch.

Paul - Kickflip Back Disaster in the dark!!

Fallen Soldiers.

Black Jon on permanent smoke break.

Otis and Mike.

Chopper Dave and Lou.

Lucho.. Crushing beers.

Clam-Master Flex.

A true supporter of the Anti-Hero coozie and Tony.

Tony, pointing out Chad's new tattoo.

Led Zep?

Swinging Black.

Black ate it.

Chopper and BSA tagged up and hit the swing.

BSA in full swing.

Black Jon IS Tony Memento's light man.

Best Friends.


This website apparently tells you how to "be" pretty much anything. Of course it has skateboarding on there. Check this out and see how you're doing with "being" a skateboarder.

Monday, August 18, 2008

"Friends - With & Without Purchases"

Kieran Morris.

Black Jon.

Alex Seel.

Florida John.



July/August Randoms

Open your mind!

Chinatown Park crew.

Kieran Morris.

Some of Mastic/Shirley's finest.

Robbie Oswald's pro model!!

The Ronz and Mike.

Double Daves - Seltzer & Chopper.

Early morning with Pangaeaman.

Get ya' Wet Wipes.

Double Vision.

Hazel Skateboards CEO - Dan Pheo and Scott Sutherland.

In blood.