Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Part 6 - Chicago

28 Days Later.

Feel the heat on the streets.

Rich.. Thinking about Ravioli's.

Florida Oranges.

Rich and Paul discussing business matters.

Tuna Explosion.

"How are you gonna pay for it?"

Wilson Skatepark.. Get sucked into the vortex.

Mr. Wilson.

Florida John, on permanent smoke-break.

Footy check.

Bert was in desperate need of water after the hammers he threw down.

Rich, putting the sunroof to good use.

Chicago skyline.. via sitting in traffic.

Before the street sesh, we checked out our buddy, Marco's bookstore "The Golden Age"


Window shopping.

Support the cause.

The Sheffield Banks are pretty good for taking portraits.. as well as skateboarding.

"We drove 45 minutes to come skate this spot" - Random Chicago shredder.

Our Hawaiian dude had some crazy hair set-up going on.

Like a dog in heat.

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