Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No Homo!!

Nohomo - watch more funny videos

This fine musical piece was created by the wizardry of Nick Skolnick and the stunning good looks of Mike Brennan. These fine gentlemen are in the running for some contest over on Funny or Die. So, watch the video, have a few laughs and make sure to leave a comment on the website and vote for our homies!

Well done boys, no homo of course.

Who the f*ck is Luke??

Peep Luke Koch killing it along with the Hard Times crew over in the new Randy Roy Distribution catalog for Fall 2010.

Every which way but corporate.

Bonnddsss 3

bonds 3 from geechy bond on Vimeo.

Gary's new clip.. Comin' in hot..

Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Randoms: 9/25 & 9/26

Saturday - Tutu Birthday Party for Brittany.

Hello ladies.

Lis broke out the cake..

And the crowd waits..

Happy Birthday Brittany!

Mmm.. Strawberry Shortcake.

Pheo went back in time to snap a pic of Whitey's ass.

Pat's message to the troops.

Epic jam sesh with Smith on the drums.

O.B. & Slob!

Sunday - Fitting 6 in an Audi, no bigs..

Epic Sunday sesh at Astoria.

The gang's all here.

Book Club III - Armageddon.. T-minus one month and counting.

Thanks Albert.

Images of Inspiration.

Get out and get some. Follow the "Frankly Speaking" episodes here.

Mission Impossible.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend Randoms: 9/17 - 9/19

Front seat peepee.. no bigs..

"These wings is too hot!"

A man and his condiments.

Po went into chocolate habanero land.

Jameson + picklejuice = Pickleback.

More shots at Your Welcome.

We witnessed a ridiculous accident. Crash and bounce.

Po had his party gear on lock.

"Girl, did that hurt?"

Cops on the scene.

Pushing those Picklebacks real hard.

We've been looking for this stuff since the Newskool days.

Locked out, not homeless.

Breakfast club?

Shredding, bright and early.

Des Ark!!

The newest show at Homebase.

Amber, just chillen.

Bubs was about to roll out to do Modern Needs shit.

Spell Check is a great tool..


No dog pooping, Gary!

Fitting right in with the locs.

We get it Gary..

Kurtz being a creepster.

Big Rockin.

Went to a house party for Michelle's birthday.

Fake-ass Homebase beer.

Still flippin' son.

Happy Birthday Michelle!

"The Cage"

"The Cage" in Huntington has been temporarily cancelled. All of the curbs have been sandblasted to just bare, dry yellow curbs. The dreams of local curb dogs and Huntington "longboarders" have been crushed for the time being. Someone needs to buy a candle from CVS and revive this spot.

But no worries, Matt & Pat managed to get some bangers for Book Club III - Armageddon. Too bad they were all filmed in Black Jon blur-cam..

Bieber Shreds?

Brooklyn hipster meets Justin Bieber?

Lifestyle shots.. no bigs..

Not a scratch on the damn thing.


Ollie photos are so hot right now..

Perhaps you haven't seen this?

***Updates dropping later on this evening.