Thursday, September 16, 2010

Northport Skatepark: The verdict is in.

We all know you, as well as many of us over here at the Kuato Headquarters are very upset with this letter. The town has decided to not listen to the skateboarders and are not budging with the fees. Steve Z from California Skateparks has encouraged all of us on opening day, to not complain about the fees and to go into the skatepark using it peacefully and respectfully. California Skateparks and The Site Design group are still fighting for this park to be free and we can only wait patiently in the wings until they need our support.

An example needs to be set by our local skateboard scene. We ask that you do not "complain" to the town, but state your concerns amongst as many people in and out of the Town of Huntington as possible. Maybe word will spread to the town and they'll wake up or who knows, maybe nobody will even be psyched enough to use the park now? This coming Monday, please show up to support all the hard work that went into the park. It will be free of charge and helmet only. Tread peacefully and respectfully, but an effort is still being made to have this park be free of charge, like it should be.

A big thank you goes out to everyone that left a comment, clicked "shwag" in disagreement with the towns emails, clicked "sick" or "big money" in support of us proving the town wrong or exploiting them to a certain extent, it is greatly appreciated. Please continue to support Kuato Lives and Long Island Skateboarding.

For such a small island, skateboarding sure does run deep within a lot of our hearts and our efforts will be recognized in the near future.

Hang in there and enjoy what you have in the meantime.

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Nugget said...

Concrete parks need barely any maintenance and the staff must be paid pretty good. This stinks. I'm still gonna come out and shred. Hope to see you old school heads rolling soon.