Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weekend Randoms: 8/27 - 8/29

Friday - Early Bronx park session.. Nice and empty.

The anti-graffitti team was about to cover up the cupcake..

Chatting it up with the locals.

Same haircut?

Black Jon + Iced = Bliced.

Bike ride mission to the harbor.

Chain gang.

Equipment problems.. No bigs..

Saturday - Saw a gear crisis on the way out to the city.


A couple of Bernie's.

F*ck The Streets premiere - Pheo maintaining the bar quite nicely.

Eating some popcorn without Doug around..

Popcorn was housed all evening.

Marewolf killed it in F*ck The Streets!

Little Matthew.. slinging popcorn all night long..

Sunday - Stopped at checked out the Astoria Park.

Main section.

Quarter/bank section.

Oscar found us at the Astoria banks.. Pretty random..

Seltzer observing the Emerica team drawings.

Keith slinging the products.

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Anonymous said...

u guys seem to have a sweet life :)