Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weekend Randoms: 9/3 - 9/6

Thursday - Art party.

Finished product.

Saturday - Matt made an edible glory hole?



Fletch was out, he got us pinched at the first spot..

ARMAGEDDON has begun.

Miller breaking rules and shit.

Dan Unger - Seagle Alumni.

Black Jon brushing up on his dribbling skills.


Man down!

Rich was ruling the exercise ball game.

DJ booth situation.

Fog Machine was getting there..

Unger on some stairs.

Saw the back of this guy's head most of the evening, unfortunately.

Sunday - Fairfield, CT mish.

Gino switched the kit.. Reppin' CT hard!

Brendan observing the fresh wally's at the park.

Robe shredder.

The Ronz took over the Kuato cam..

View of the cabin.



Just some bros at The Lark..

Monday - Labor Day at Slayerville.

Black Jon made friends with a duck.

Can't take this guy anywhere..

Hot in the streets right now.

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