Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Town of Huntington can't get their facts straight.

Please review this page that was extracted from the Summer/Fall Leisure Services 2010PDF.

Page 5 CLEARLY states that the skateparks are unsupervised. But, didn't Don McKay state in his emails that in order to pay someone to watch the park, they have to charge fees at the skatepark? Hmmm... Doesn't match up with what is clearly in front of us in print. According to this TOWN DOCUMENT, there will be no supervision.

More information can be found in the pdf here.

The Town of Huntington appears to be on vacation. They have not returned emails in quite some time. We need to make sure their inboxes are full for when they return.

Speak up!

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brittany said...

why are they closed on all holidays?