Monday, August 4, 2008

Part 4 - Michigan

We all packed into Steve's van for the afternoon sesh.

Paul was pretty psyched to be in Steve's van.

"M Bank"

Thanks to Steve and Martin or "Steve Martin" for being spot guides.

Redmon's lightning elevator.

Circus Bar!!

Flying Clown.

Flying Reaper.

Ring of Fire.

Circus band was in full effect.

This guy was rad.

Smoke up, homie.

This guy.

Paul was reppin' Iron Maiden.

Back in New York already??

After the circus bar, we hit the diner.

Cheese fries all around.

Chris was getting "gnarly".

Livin' that trife.

Wild in the streets.

We went back to Chris's apt.

The dude hopped in the iron lung.

Shit got weird.


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