Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Part 7 - Chicago to Home

28 Weeks Later.

We loaded up the Avalon and headed out for some breakfast before we hit the road.

Serious shit was going down on Winthrop.

This was an odd window display.

DON'T GO HERE! The Flying Saucer is the worst. They have ridiculous gratuity charges and witch hairs in their orange juice. Look how psyched we were after the worst breakfast experience ever!

Found a pretty sweet bank to rail somewhere in Indiana.. Shit went down.

Open roads.

Florida John may smoke more than Dan Drehobl?

Holy Toledo!

Florida John, getting down on a peach.

We encountered a pretty gnarly rainstorm.

The rain was chasing us.

Katt Williams kept us occupied on the drive back home.

Welcome to the longest state ever to drive through?

Dave Chappelle also kept us occupied.

Our "Gourmet" dinner from Starbucks.


Night moves.

Tunnel from Back to the Future 2?

End transmission.

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elaine and abby said...

those sandwhiches from starbucks are the best!