Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekend Randoms: 9/18 - 9/20

Last weekend of the summer = Git R' done.

Friday mission.

Kurtz brought some slugs from PA.

"I don't see nothin' wrong".

Ughh.. slug juice.


Pool sharks.

The worst thing happened... It's the Corona pants!

Rise and shine.

Good service..

One if by Paul.

Bad service.

A battle of good and evil.

Honk if Obamacare is evil.

Ramp buds.

Kurtz folded his ankle.

Butterfly burgers.

Coozies all weekend.

Hot session.

Cold as the mountain stream, smooth as its' name.

Hood rat stuff.

Familiar faces.

Through the Dark.

Fletch was running the merch booth.

Dad had some new footage.

"Yeah, ill have a 30 pack, a bag of ice and a cat".

Beer kitty.

Pheo rocking some of Black Jon's headwear.


Kathy and company.

Uh oh.. It's that time..

The DJ from the future.

Mighty bros.

Dance party.

Spice girls.

Shotguns all weekend..

More shotguns.. no biggie.

Shit was going off.

They spinnin'..



Boot assistance.

Sherms and Kurtz.

Midnight feast.


Updates all weekend.

Colby made a right on Metropolitan, then BOOM, he was there.

Wild in the streets.

Hey _________, It's me, Kurtz.

Hard times.

Sandwich talk.

Beef patty king.

City views.

Where Brooklyn at?

Frank Scalcione's hideout.

A great american pastime..

3 Bros. from Italy.

Frank Scalcione at his best.

Pounds, bud.

Slices the size of ya' head.

Uh oh.. Frank's up.

Young Gunna $

Chucky 101.

Word on the street is that this is the best wallie obstacle.

Rink lurkers.

Goodbye, summer.

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