Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weekend Randoms: 9/4 - 9/7

Not a cool way to start off the weekend.

Roadside assistance.

Gary split his pants, first try.

Reppin' that 610.

Welcome to the party, Richter!

Paul and Poo. Chillen.


Sweet ride.

A fine woman ruining her lungs.

Drive thru beer distributor?!?

Kurtz's crib.

Battling the Lehigh River.

Mission accomplished.

Island crew.

Kurtz took a pre-party river dip.


Brendan.. Still rocking them 3/4 sleeves.

Yeah Luke!

Wes & Kyle. Full-on river gear.

Naked dude??

Louso on fire duty.

Couple of bros..

Bubba got trapped in an orb.

Wizard Staff infections.


The Dj's for the evening.

Table! Table! Table!

Colin & Weber.


Up in smoke.

Bubba playing tricks on Mike.

Peaced out.

Yeah V!!

Beer Helmet lives!

Get off Louso's neck..




Wood carvings.

Bright and early. 8:00 a.m.

Kurtz + Knife + a gallon of water = awesome.

Crazy Gary hair.

Napalm dude and a deer skull.

Until next time..

Lehigh River.

Early discussions with V.

Last men standing.

Line em' up.

Ghetto-rigged river shorts.

Round 1.

Can't get any more awesome than this.

"Hey, it's me, Kurtz"..

Dudes were in bad shape..


Nature feet.

Wizards of all trades.

Later Wes. Good times bud.

Kurtz found treasure in the Lehigh River.

Airing out the nature feet.

Gary had to pull it over..

Rough times at the Tavern.

Fast forward to NY.. Party time at Amanda's.

Tissue Box game.


Breakfast buds.

New stuntwood.

Paul's grip kit.

Put in some quick ledge work before Erin's party.

Birds of a feather.

Shirt exchange.

Transporting the goods.

Birthday girl!

Brian Kim.

Still smokin' dem cigarettes.

Friends helping friends.

Dual cornhole action.

Casualty Killers.


The Forensics at Once and For All.



This dude was out of his mind..

Beach is that way, bro.

Gallo Tropical was going off on the other side of the street.

Bradstock gone wrong.

Trippy mang.

Joe Just Joe Just Joe Just.

Same blog machine.. So hot right now.

Started off the day with a ramp/driveway sesh.

Slow Joeskopp.

Business in the morning.


Upgraded bloggy machine.

Clever tricks.


"So I can do karate with my little warrior".

Sad dog.

Starbucks crew.

Fresh finds, courtesy of Black Jon.

Fish heads.


Toes on the nose.

Go kart mission.

Rubber Duckies.

Where legends are made.


See you later.. Gayboy!

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