Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Columbus Day Weekend CT Trip: 10/9-10/12


Maxed out, bro.

Dookie Head and a friendship divider.

Exit 49 park & ride.. No homo (for real).

Walkie talkies.

The traditional Throggs Neck session.

Black Jon.. Open your eyes..

"You guys in a band or something?"

Sweeeeeet sheeeets.

Unger Head.

Someone please give Dan Unger some shoes.

Road candy.

Gary was about to set things into hyperthrash.

Deep River Skatepark.

Practicing contest runs.

Dueling harmonicas.

Pat with a header.

Walked into a heavy session at Jewitt City.

Unger's soup kitchen.

Jewitt City waterfall.

Waterfall crew.

P2 at sunset.

Peaceful reflections.

Paul just got his cutty back.

Epic Sunsets.

Acorn Acres.

Setting up camp.

Cup construction.

Double vision.

Smore time

Creepy images.

Weirdo rippers.


Pat constructing seats bright and early.

The Cow Palace.

Early morning visuals.

Juicebox's elbowjuice.

Unger's backjuice.

Same flannels.. No biggie..

Gay Olympics.


Dean's Corner.

Breakfast excitement.

Hair city.

Two of hearts.

Paul's breakfast and a bizarro P2.


No-homo stretching.

2nd attempt at Jewitt City.. No dice.

Jay took us to Target for a hot minute.

Pat's fireman costume.

Backseat weirdo.

White Rock Skatepark - Westerly, RI

P2.. Thinking of food.

Gary erased a few clips.. No biggie.

Senor Flacos.

Dan King signature fajitas.

A couple of fart tacos.

As per Pat.

Por favor? Gracias.

Jewski es loco.

Louie and a set of twins.


Short lived Dayville session.

2nd evening at Acorn Acres.

Campsite porno, no biggie.


Raging fires.

It's fun to do bad things.

Pat almost caught on fire.

Pat and a field creeper.

Additional lighting provided by Geechybond.

Torch moves.

Shutting down the evening.

A mummy turned into a lizard.

Gary with an early morning read.

West Hartford.

Perfect weather for shredding.

Bristol Hate Plaza.

Foam Rollers all weekend.

Relaxation session.

Choices Gift Shop.

We stumbled across gold.

Stopping with a smile.

See you next time Delaney's.

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