Monday, April 12, 2010

Book Club Too Premiere Weekend: 4/9 - 4/11

Friday - Book Club Too Premiere/Majewski's birthday!

P2 sporting his name tag..

J bones!

Colbert, Kurtz, Wes and Gary came through for the weekend!

Gigante had the best shirt in the house.

Matching kicks. Minus the crossed legs.

Black Jon.. Doing what he does best..

Pitch lives!

Father Jon!

Pheo and Frank Mare rolled through.

Protecting Miller Time.

Smoked out a little bit.. No bigs..

Book Club Too.. Finally on the big screen!

The creator. Good job Pat!

Black Jon poaching the intro for Vimeo, Youtube, Myspace and Facebook.

Camera cheers.

Typical ender photo.

Saturday - Kurtz got some digits Friday night..

Wes's rig.

Gary getting some..

Finished product.

Seaford ledges.

Hot crewwww.

Yeah, we're glad you're back too, Fletch..

Barging the park.. Deep crew.

Rail brigade.

Fletch handling some pushups..

Wes.. about to do work..

Perfect exposure! She was at F8!

Uprooted kicker.

Starting area.

Paul with a big ol' ollie north.

Uprooting from the sidelines.

I guess someone's not really feeling Kuato..

Quick stop at wallie world.

Bottle game. So hot right now..

Wes put in some work for the Geechy cam.

Gary was calling the shots.

Setting up Tent City.

Grill was proper yet once again..


Kurtz getting his art on.

Good thing Kurtz had that wipe.

Firepit - RIP

Sunday - Good morning fellow campers.

Different plan of attack for Sunday. Here first then move on..

BJ can S his own D.

Kurtz was in nap mode.

4 on 4.

BQE spot to link up with Juicebox and crew.

Sholkoff doing the opposite of skating.

Felipe sighting!

Posted up.

Juicebox and crew decided to go drink instead..

Ended the day off at the best spot ever.

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