Friday, April 9, 2010

Fatherly Figures - Dan Finkelstein

Greetings ladies and gentlemen. We have a new feature on the site called "Fatherly Figures". This feature will showcase some of Kuato's favorite dad's. Our first installment for the month of April is Dan Finkelstein. Enjoy.

K. Please state your daughter’s name and age.
D. Sienna Skye-Finkelstein Miceli. We figure, if she can write it and say it at an early age, she'll be a step ahead. Little Sea, Sweet Pea, Baby are some of her nicknames. She will be 5 weeks tomorrow.

K. What’s the transition like from skaterhood to fatherhood?
D. Its funny u say that. a month or two before she was born, I'd be skating like its my last day. Skatin till I was blue in the face, breathin my last breath, thinkin that the future just wouldnt allow me the time. Since she's been born, i've been gettin out once a week, and it feels so damn good. I will be skating till the day my body says it can't take it anymore and soon enough, i'll be that nerdy father that u see at Lido beach encouraging my child to drop in the two foot quarter while everybody has to wait. muahahaha. I must give a good - looks to Kevin Candela for giving me valuable information these last nine months. Its funny talkin with him about breast pumps and immunization shots. He's a good man, a ripper, and a good father. The complete package.

K. When you do find the time to skate, who do you usually roll with and what is your favorite spot? I know you’re a big fan of Lido Beach. Any Fink street-shredding go down lately?
D. I used to have my "skatedays", but now it's whatever works. Damn it, am I really type-casted as a lido local. U know, I hate to play into the old man excuses, but I just don't go spot to spot anymore and hope I'll be able to have some fun before gettin the boot. I'll tell ya, this past fall I had alot of fun Sunday street shredding with , Frank Mare, Lee, Pheo, Sutherland, Ronzone. I used to think Matt Cartledge was a fictitious character that Pheo made up as a joke, but than one day, I witnessed. There's alot of fun people on this island and I enjoy skatin with all of u.

K. How do you and your lady balance out your work schedule at the coffee house? Are you still working as much or have you gotten extra help to give you more time with the baby?
D. Shit man. The coffee house takes up so much of our lives and i've loved every minute of it. Some people just don't understand why i just can't get away so easily. We are the owners, the managers, the employees, the maintenance, the creative dept., the pay roll company, the bakers, the purchasers, and whatever else we have to be. We try to do everything with the help of each other and sometimes it just takes away from other things that we'd like to be doing. At the same time, the Witches Brew has been runnin strong because we're here all day everyday giving the blood, sweat, and tears. Since Sienna's birth, we all have taken on my honey's work load here (and she is the back-bone here). We still don't have an organized system yet, but we're pretty fortunate to be a stones throw away from each other all day taking turns at working and baby watching. I must say though, when it comes to skating, I would be allowed to skip my wedding day for a good sesh. My honey loves my love for skating.

K. It seems like you’ve gotten a lot of response with the Huck Fink blog since it first hit the local blog scene. Any plans of turning it into the Poppa Fink baby blog anytime soon or are you going to stay consistent with your content as of lately?
D. It took me like a month to think of my blog name before i started it. I felt like such a nerd trying to pick the right name, haha. Kuato's digi clips and sick travel pics, and Gino's random "it happened on Long Island" on the poets blog got me psyched up to start Huck Fink. i'm trying not to go all out with the baby pics on there, so I might start a secret baby blog that nobody knows about.

K. Big question right here, when is the last time you played golf?
D. I played two weeks ago with Dan Lee, my bro Jonas, and Koz. Koz is a really good golfer. If i have to admit, learning to play golf feels like learning to skate all over again and we all know what a High that is. I get weekly advice and lessons over the phone from Drake Jones, ahhahaha. He's just as good at golfing as his skating was and is an amazing teacher. add a nice cigar to all of this, and u can call it paradise.

K. Who’s on deck with having a baby next? Can you leak any secrets?
D. Rumor has it that Dan Howe was spotted at the t-shirt station in the mall, printing a shirt that read, Jah Bless my baby.

K. What’s easier to do, a pivot fakie or changing a diaper?
D. Well, I love pivot fakies and all, but they're not as smooth as a baby's butt. (thee old famous fink humor strikes again)

K. How long until your baby is making some of the finest iced coffee in Nassau county?
D. I already have Sienna satcheled on my back, slinging ice into the customers coffee.

K. Last question, what’s up with the Dish Fish video? Who’s having parts? Any idea on a release date or premiere?
D. The Dish Fish name originated from our finest Bulgarian employee and friend, Misho Yanchev. He knows what dish is all about. Really though, the purpose of Dish Fish was, to do something with all the footage i've filmed over the last few years and be able to put some clips together (thanx windows movie maker) and put it out somewhere for people to enjoy (thanx Huck fink). Might as well give this last shout out to Antonio Carrera, the stara of Tuesdays with Toni. He came to the witches brew everyday for about ten years straight and had a minimum of three espressos a day. he drove us nuts, and we hated it and loved it. He was recently diagnosed with dementia and taken to a home. We might never see him again. So everybody raise your demitasse for toni, his presence will be missed.

K. Thanks, Fink. Congratulations and much respect.

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