Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beaster Weekend Mega Update: 4/2 - 4/5

Friday - Ramp sesh at Tony's!

Ya'll Homebase?

Beaster Party at Paul's crib.

Gary gettin twiztedddd!!


Well.. Hello ladies..

Black Jon was playing all the MTV Party To Go favorites..

Saturday - Mission with Peabody.

Colby's hair. Up close and personal.

The aftermath.

3 Stooges Construction Team.

Call the cops.. Rich robbed all the tricks from the bank..

Ray going upper deck.

Joe Camel showed up to the spot..

It's Millerrr Timee.

Gary & an eyeball slurpee.

Shop stop.

Ray was so psyched that he brought his goodie bag.

Ended the day off with some more ledge work.

Ray was selling meow-meow out of his trunk.. Oh boy..

$2.50 well spent.

Did some serious work on the grill.

Colby documenting the fine meal.

Russ with proper posture.

Fireside chats.

Paul got twizted off that Steel Reserve.

Guns vs. Russ.

Possessed by the devil?

Sunday - Beaster!!!

40min. @ 18mph = putting in work.

Thanks to Bob & Diane for the glorious Beaster Breakfast.

Valero Bunny.

Junk spot sesh.

It's great to see other people are down for the cause.


Paul with a Beaster Beer.

Launch over the grill? Any takers?

Gary vs. Napa - Round 2.

Ewww.. Used C.




The agony of defeat.

Geechybond going mobile.

We met up with these dudes to deliver the "package".

Brigette lives!!

Texting sweet nothings from previous evenings..

Monday - Ooooppsss.

Breakfast buddies? I think not..

Started the day off at Murtha's.

Blood was shed.

Gay park and ride, eh?

1 hour of sleep = dedication to Book Club Too.

Quick stop at Dave & Buster's.

Mini food boner?

Astoria Banks.

Met up with a clean shaven Black Jon in Queens.

Paparazzi over here..

The triumphant return of Dan King.

En route.

Ended off the day at McCarren Park..

Time for dinner?

Colby spotted Joe's Apartment.

Breaking up is hard to do..

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