Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bethlehem, PA Trip: 7/9 - 7/12

Gearing up the for the weekend..

Trip mascot.

New setups.

Taylor.. Scoping out traffic..


Double MJ.

Scenic Overlook off of I-80.

Looked nice.. but we came back to some car trouble again..

Mr. Kendall gave us a jump..

Jumper situation.


Colbert! Our savior..

Pep Boys mission.

Colbert had a snack while we waited.

Lurked at Keck for a hot minute.

Gary showed up with some Red Bull.

Loose kingpin nut.. No biggie.

Guardrail spot.

Emery's ride.

Devonte's escape route.

Buttered ledge.

Manny Mania.

Thick crew.



Gary.. Comin' in hot.


Life moves pretty fast.


Dog buddies.

Emery.. doing work.

That's good money right there.

Dustin skitching.

Ended the day off at Stairwell B.

"Pizza Bar".

Taylor was handling some pizza.

Rich.. picking only the hottest jukebox hits.

Where the Heart Is.

Throwing back some pints.

Patio situation.

Pre-hill bomb plans.

Hill bomb craze.

Nick's sweet ride.

Wes & lady-friend.

Taylor & Luke in some serious karaoke action..

Sweet Home Alabama.

Canada vs. U.S.

Double Andy's.

Wiggity wack.

Karaoke lurkin'.

One last mongo push.. Nice way to end the evening..

Taylor was feeling a little hungover from the night before..

Unicorn backdrop.


Mad Krooked.

The Good ol' Mario Kart trick.

Session was jumpin'.

Tan Team.

Green Team.

Brown Team

Kyle & Wes showed up for a quick sesh.

Snacks are that way, Luke..

Wing time.

Beer, up close.


Stache' de Taylor.




Smoke buddies.

Game of C-Lo for leftovers from the check.

Rich came up.

Uh oh..

First broken board. Ever.

Taylor got some work done.

Allentown crew.

Night sesh at Stairwell B.

Eat em.

House party time.

Rich's tricks.


Having fun with balloons..

Living room situation.

Beer helmet time!

Holy moly.. The other angle is good.

Beer helmet epidemic.

Abby's 21'st Birthday.

Harsh money.

Kurtz in beer helmet mode.


Making moves..


Lady situation..

Zombie Jonathan made an appearance.

Kyle & Wes talking to a lady friend.

Nik Stain!

Abby was pissed again..

Po showed up!

Banana party.

Justin.. Get'n r' done.

Po!!! Ah!!!

Do work son.

Great.. we're leaving.. Now she wants to dance?

Bummin' rides..

Street piss.

Goodnight Pounds - Luke & Bubba.

Woke up night and early for the tubing mission.

Real talk.. Shit went down that night.

Somebody had a rough night..

Nice literature.


Quick stop at Homebase.

Decisions.. decisions..

Kurtz and his new purchase.

Brendan was hyped.



River Rats!

The beginning of one of the best times/biggest shitstorms ever..

No keys.. no cell phone.. no wallet.. A very interesting 7 hours later..

Colbert's face pretty much sums up the day.

Feast time.

Maloof Money Cup.."Trujillo, comin' in hot".

Paul came through to finish up the remainder of the trip.

The Hitcher.

Best coozie ever?

Craziest day ever..

Paddle out..

We out.

En route to N.J.

Quick pitstop for fireworks..


Big Bang Theory.

M-80's are that way Taylor..

Three-eyed monsters.

Just browsing..


Taylor was hyped.

Stopped in Jersey for a quick ledge sesh.

Said peace & thanks to the homies.

Close to home.

Dropped Luke back off at the crib..

Luke left some clothing behind.

This is what too much hood rat stuff gets you.

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