Monday, July 20, 2009

No video games for a whole weekend: 7/17 - 7/19

Homebase homies Andy, Gary and Kurtz came to Long Island for the weekend to drink some beers, eat some food, skate some turds and do some Hamptons Shit. Good times were had by all, unfortunately Kurtz hurt his knee on the last day of the trip. If you see him lurking in Bethlehem, holler at him and buy him a beer or take him tubing.. he loves both of those activities. Check Whiteyblackman and Geechybond for some second angles. Enjoy.

Bethlehem in the house!!

Kurtz came with a few sweet Pennsylvania shirts..

Colbert came with some new pants..

We hit up Patchogue for Alive After 5.

3 weeks apart.. Reunion time!

Sea Levels.

Enjoying town hall.

Miriam had that sippy cup!

Food time.

Stephanie and Katie were chillen with the street DJ.

Kurtz.. On some Spiderman shit..

Lurking in the fog..

Kept the party moving over at the Crayon Castle.


Kurtz was lacing some ODB tracks..

Check that Keystone!



Getting up on dem' walls!

Latarian Milton!

Not your average 7 year olds.

Mirror collaborations.

Kat putting up some good reading material on the frig.

Ghost stories?

Kat's sweet lunchbox.

Clubhouse party!!

We hit up Dick's for some cornhole bags before shredding.

Perfect day for a ramp sesh.

Deck situation.

Art shot?

Ramp sesh essentials.

After this!

Colbert had the best seat in the house.

Cross blogging?


Dark man.. Dark dog..

Colby chillen with Otis.

Obviously.. some work was put in.

Russ was ready to party.

Party was poppin' off.

Gary with some warm up tosses.

Neil and Roy came through..

Sassa stare.

Buck if you Buch.

Grill status.

Kurtz handling the bracket situation.

Kurtz making winner predictions.

Crew it.

Erin and Tanya!!

Bracket manipulations.

Matt showed up for the festivities and battled Team Amanda.

Doing big things..

Table talk.

Bar situation.

Kickin' back.. Enjoying life..

Team Black vs. Team Tanya.

Roy & Buchmann.

Team Stephanie vs. Team Mr. Bell.

Team Colbert vs. Team Sassa.

Black Jon.. Bicycle/Cornhole hybrid.

Team Tanya vs. Team Rich.

Baseball buds.

Bracket update.

My friend Colbert.. He smokes the cigarettes.

EEeeeek! Slugs...

Tanya.. Petting slugs.. no biggie.

Team Colbert vs. Team Geech.

Team Erin vs. Team Rich.

Final round..

Colbert and Rich took it!

Tanya lost an earring.


Sparkle Motion.

Paul came through for a late evening sesh.

Daryl's is officially cancelled.

Stopped off at Pigeon Ledge.

The ledge took this dude out.

Just us pigeons.

Moving on?

Hockey break at Paul's house.

Kurtz handled a praying mantis.

Into the wild.

Equipment problems.

Bank lounge.


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