Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Randoms: 4/18 - 4/19

Queens mission with Dan King, Black & Rich.

Blue skies. Partly cloudy.

Liquid stimulation.

Tripod jargon.

Friendly environment at the ball spot.

The spot took its' toll on Rich's board early.

School photo background? The lazer one was the best.

A good day for ices.

The worst road ever. No U-turns or left turns anywhere.

Squeamish content below.

Okay, so.. Black Jon got taken out by an I-Beam. The situation was definitely ironic because he got hurt at an abandoned hospital. It was a really gnarly/scary experience but we took care of him immediately after he hit his head. Black Jon is doing a lot better now, but he really thinks Kuato was just trying to come out of his forehead to say what's up. The next few photos are pretty self-explanatory.

End squeamish content.

Rich opened up his own shoe store.

This was shortly after we saw a transvestite.

Falafel farts.


Words cannot describe this photo.

Motorcycles for miles. Shit was craze.

Riverhead sesh with Josh, Jason & Jeremy.

Jeremy was filming a few things for the Poets short.


If you're into that kinda thing...

Josh - nosegrinds for days.

Preparing for urethane destruction.

Worst flatspot ever?

Riverhood's shanty shack.

Setting up shop in the shanty shack.

Tony Lives!

We made sure we didn't beam Jeremy when we left.

That's a wrap.

Seek & Destroy.

Paul came up for his hood.

Cricket. Long Island parking lot style.

Got a few snippets.

Chris Redden spot. Apparently the spot makes red lines shoot out of yer butthole.

Talking shit about a pretty sunset.

Mission accomplished. Good times.

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