Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Randoms: 4/4 - 4/5

Started the weekend off in Elmhurst.

Mission accomplished.

Prime audio from the basketball court.

Equipment problems. All day.

6 squares.

20 ft. drop.

Pity the fool.

The alternate 1985.

Oh shit, Danny Garcia was at the spot before we were.

Cosmetic damage.

The most warped skateboard of all time.

Stopped in at the cutting room floor over at the Maspeth.

The aftermath of Evil Rich.

Early mornings with Butt & Diamond at the Clarke residence.

Butt drank 62 redbulls. No biggie.

Black Jon was up and ready to roll.

Got the red hoody memo.

Peabody was already up and lurking around Williamsburg.

Met up with Justin & Adrian at cruised down into Long Island City.

Jeremy Cohen joined in on the mission.

Group review with Jeremy.

Midtown was on fire. Debris was in the air. Winds out of the north.

Black was unsuccessful in ghetto-rigging this wallride obstacle.

Checking out the fire.

Outback America!!

Team Butt spreading the word.

Keith lives!

Quinn Lives!

Yet another middle finger pic from Blackness.

Just hangin' around.

Justin getting a bird's eye view.

Keith, checking out Luke's filming skills.

The cafeteria.

Ran into Wes!

Sample sale.

Black Hole Sun?

What was left of Luke's rig.

New dawn fades.

Alex came up.

"You sure you don't want help with that, Butt?"

Ender ender.

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