Monday, July 14, 2008

Part 1 - New York to Ohio

The trip started off at Paul's crib where I arrived to accompany him in watching the end of "One Crazy Summer" while we discussed some destinations and details of our trip. Soon after the movie had ended, Rich arrived and we threw down a little bit of "Conan", we watched some classic scenes from the movie and loaded up the rental car. With little room to spare, we set off to Ronkonkoma Train Station to pick up John Richardson. John got off the train a little roughed up from the previous night's adventure. Apparently he had a crazy, hung-over, 3 mile walk through Toms River and over a no-shoulder bridge to start the trip off the day.. interesting.. Seaside Heights rules though, we learned 6 days later that all of his stories about trife-ass people, backyard miniramps and guido's driving 100 mph across that bridge were true indeed. With John loaded up in the car, we hit the road with high hopes.

We stopped after a few hours of driving in Pennsylvania to get some food. The Roadhouse had some pretty interesting bathroom graffiti. Such gems as "Mac Tools Rule!", "Farmer boys like it in the ass", and "Time is a rope, better hang on to it". As well as some other crazy shit I can't even remember.. but definitely some outlandish stuff that was most excellent. Don't eat there by the way, unless you're in the mood for greased up french fries or their "homemade meatloaf". It was one of those types of places where you walk in, the music stops, and everyone in the place looks at you.

After we ate at the Roadhouse, we hit the road. Caught a pretty nice sunset. We got geared up for the long drive ahead.

Drove all the way through the night.. Large Marge was in full effect.

We finally arrived at the Lakewood Park around 3:30 a.m. and set up "camp".

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