Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bethlehem, PA - Pics

Here are the pics from our trip to Bethlehem, PA a few weeks ago. Big thanks to Andy V and Andy at Homebase Skateshop for hooking it up with spots and place to crash. We hope to head back again soon, before it gets too cold.

Los Lonely Boys.

A tree grows in Wyandanch.

Windows and Doorways.


Good shit.

Rich, taking morning polaroids.

The infamous "378 Ditch"

Gnarly tranny.. Rough ground.. Just like mom used to make.

Paul is very much excite.

Mike - Back Tail

Dueling lenses.

Lou, getting some.

Rich & Los Lobos.

Sons of ditches..

The walk of shame.

We took a couple of diggers.. but left with some smiles.

Best ditch ever?

Stone Crest Ditch was tight.. Perfect tranny.

Our homie, Andy V!!

Lou - FS 50

Mike - 50 Fakes

Andy V - FS 50

A heavy sesh at Stone Crest.

Rich is walking on sunshine.

Additional angles.

Caged animal.

Kings Ditch was very fun.. if you wanted to get hit on by 16 year old girls.. and shred..

The ditch had some wet crete' in some spots.

From the dungeon..

Lou had this Orange Drank the whole day..

Additional Lighting.

Andy V - Front Board

Shout at the Devil.

Mr. Burns.

Ghost Dad.


Autumn Leaf.



david anthony said...

whoa! where are those bank spots?
cool shots!


Andy said...

What up guys. Glad you had a good time in the 610. Come thru anytime and I'll hit you up next time in in LI. Peace.