Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Northeast Extension - Weekend in Bethlehem

10:50 am.

Early explorations.

In full lurk-mode at Homebase.

Tour Guides of "The Steel".

Brick, Aluminum, and Flannel.

Left the steel to head back to the shop and grab some eats from Goosey Gander.

Beer and Steel. A manly combination.

Mmmm Beer..

Cheetos is getting into the skateboard game.

Guna Melt.. Nice!!!

Seriously, go here. Best sandwiches in Bethlehem.



Nick Sassa crept into the alley mid-game.

Things were getting pretty thick in the alley.

Rolled some last bones and headed over to the warehouse.

Like whoa.

Substance came through on their tour and skated the warehouse. Substance and Homebase were doing some fast-paced shredding. Some gnarly tricks went down and someone got banana-blasted. Good times.

The session finally calmed down and some normal-paced shredding went down.

Dinner time.

Pizza, fries and a beer. Can't go wrong.

Went to Jimmy's after dinner and watched Sneak Preview. Yup, this video. Very psyched on the power animal backdrop.

Pink unicorn.

There would have been a picture of the Sumner manual pad here, but too many Roast Beef & Tail Grab nose manuals were going down. Also, a powerslide gone wrong put a slight damper on things.

Back at Kings Ditch, yet once again.

A group of locals came and left because they were actually afraid to skate these obstacles.

Wood. Metal. Wood. Metal.. what comes next? Wood?

Fixin' the pipe.

Good times at Kings Ditch.

Picked up a 24 banger for the ditch.

Phil - being real safe behind the wheel.

Andy V - rocking some of Phil's gear.

Not much else to do besides drink, when there are 10 people already skating..

Luke's board after Kings Ditch.

Don't cry over spilled beer.

En route.

Warehouse - Round 2

More dice games at the warehouse.

Luke, getting some skrilla.

They see me rollin'!! They hatin'!!

Hot Dice.

Discovery Channel.

"Hey! Bear!"

Billy got tore up.

Comin' in hot.



OGmike said...

haha cat pictures, so good

Andy Po said...

Damn, I miss all the good drinking and skating session. Damn shop. when y'all coming back to B-Town? We're having a video premiere for our new video at the end of Jan- want to get some clips in the friends section for the final edit?