Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Randoms: 5/1 - 5/3

Started off the weekend over at the Venetian house.

Dinner a la Black Jon.

Supposedly this is the cure for hangovers?

Cat in a bag.

Water. Coffee. Whiskey?

On Saturday, we hit Connecticut. Early start.


1 letter off from being a Bone Zone.

Cows on roofs.

We found a pretty mellow bank.

Peep it.

The frowning pyramid.

Paul had his own sign in Connecticut.

Put this one on the list.


Uphill battles.

Rock spot. Endless fun.

Rocky roads.

Spot modifications.

The game just got real.

Bearing blowout.

Friends lending a helping hand.

Ledge work.

Blood was shed.

Non-parallel movements.

Flashing colorful lights.

On The Border.

Black somehow managed to hit his head again..

Ventured into Northport for Pat Ryan's birthday outing!

Pretty tough.

Pat's deck was clutch.

Then we headed to Mary Carroll's for some bar action.


Karen. Black. Pat.



Forte drinking team?

No homo.

No homo, for real..

Seriously, no homo.

Karen decided to take a bite out of Unger.

Pat & Karen were psyched!

Stephanie came through and joined the festivities.

Height difference.

Smoking section.

Mike Pitch showed up!

Smoke up homie.

Pat & Tina.

The triple threat!!

Brothers, Sisters, Lovers.


Shoe wars.

I fly like paper, get high like planes.

Pat played stunt man.

We ran into some familiar faces.. Bobby Izzo.

Kieran Morris.

Christmas came early in Pat's mind.

It's fun to do bad things.

This is how the night ended. What the shit?

The next morning.. The wrath of Pat Ryan.

No biggie.

Corso's surprise birthday party at Oil City. Corso approved.


Sholkoff. Seltz. Mr. Bell.

Heated mini ramp session.

Starting line.

Kieran was psyched!!

Some of BLVD's finest.

Happy Birthday Chris!

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