Monday, December 21, 2009

Gary's Surprise Party Weekend: 12/18 - 12/20

Outback was on board for Gary's surprise party weekend.

A ghostly Bubba on streamer patrol.

Back room setup.


The man of the hour..

Bong cake!!

Po was responsible for the decoy, good job bud!

Conversing with NoNo.

Heated sesh.

Allison & Shiner playing DJ.

Raging crowds.

Oh yeahhh.

Raging at the crow's nest!

Jess, before she turned into a wino.

Mr. Fancy Pants.

Ray & Kim were raging.

Phil & Jenna enjoying some cake.

A pair of Luke's and a Taylor.

Po's new Skate Mental gear.

Best screen shot ever? Sorry Ray!

A few beardo's at Billy's.

A bunch of clowns that just got out of a Volkswagen.

Kurtz was on the good list.

Testing out the goods.

Santa sighting.

Get em' while they're hot.

Run for it Marty!

The roads were getting pretty hectic.

Quick ramp sesh before starting the evening.

Ready to rage.

One of Gary's gifts.

Luke's new whip. Kuatohopper.

Started off the evening at Shakey's.

Beach please.

Waiting for the white!!

Shakey's food was on point.

Pictures of pictures.

The weather outside was frightful.

Snow bros.

Trying to live up to that t-shirt fame.

It's my Poo in a box!!

Pool tournament at the Tavy.

Taking naps at the bar.. No bigs..

Arab money.

Ended the evening off at Stooges.

Elliott was killing it.

Raged out.

Shmarkk de ark bark.

Yup. Nope. Well.

Gary's gear was all over the place.

Crack kills.

Not getting a signal brah..

Gary's dvd player made everything look like Strange World.

Goodnight Mike.

Goodnight Kurtz.

Goodnight Paul.

The Lone Rager.

Attacked by wild arks in the night..

Damn.. Kurtz caught that blueface.

Home Alone 2 all weekend!

Handling some shoveling biz.

Kurtz in a winter wonderland.

Magic tricks.

Colby's been cleaning snow off his car for 50 years!!

Taylor getting Outback footy.

"You guys look hungry, you been shoveling all day?"

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