Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CT Columbus Day Trip: 10/9 - 10/10

Saturday - Oh, hi Steve.

Stretching it out while waiting for Black to go pro at Apple.

Brothers from different mothers.

Chad, Brett & Alton were on board.

So was Bert.

Fake-ass Toucan Sam.

Damn.. Didn't even get to Connecticut yet..

A road trip must.

Fuchs was sending out the mAss texts..

Black Jon and some corn.

Middlefield Skatepark is amazing. Get there.

Chad & Eric!

Chad lit up by the skate gods.

Eric snapping some flicks. Check Toebock soon!!

Chad always finds the best gear.

Burritos for dinner.. not bad.

Checkin' in with Martha.

Bert was ready to get things rolling.

Uhm.. electric tree?

Bathroom knife fights.

Campgrounds were lit up in full Halloween fashion..

Busch & Polish Sausage.. can't beat it.

A couple of camp buds.

King of the trees.. the treemeister..

Sausage King of Poland?

Sunday - Waking up to this was pretty epic.

Camp Kuato.

Deep Thoughts with Black Jon..


Grip Gum.. so hot right now..

Black Jon was buggin' out..

Sunday afternoon Bristol sesh.

Old hubba goblin.

Not only did he get a banger on this hubba for Book Club 3, but he learned how to S his own D!

Stopped in at Avid to say what's up to Benny!

Matt with fresh produce at Middlefield.

Mandatory stop at Delaney's Tap Room.

Oh hi..

Artwork by Paul.

A Beer Wizard is born..

Bert is now "Beer Wizard"

No other way to end the weekend.

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