Monday, December 27, 2010

Gary's Bday/Sweater Party: 12/17 -12/19

Beer condoms.

Merry Shmarkbark.

OB Christmas lights.


Quakertown sesh for Gary's Birthday.

Quarter Qrew.

Po stacking.

610 Spirit Animal Division.


That's OB!

Drive thru bevy.


No bigs?

All geared up.

It's my Pooh in a box!

Some heated games going down in the basement.

Vintage shiz..

Circa 1984.

Portraits with Pooh.

Shinedog & Todd.

Mad Dog 20/20 was the potion to get Funky there.

Po has arrived.. Secret yet to be unveiled..

Basement Babes.

Po came through with a different kinda cake..

Happy Birthday Gary!

Gang's all here.

*Please note the drunk santa*

Jam session.

Funky was thereeeee.

Kurtz's babes came through.

Uh huh!

Don't let the pooh out! (cringe!)



Phil & Sean moving the crowd.

Whip it good.

Combing through some beards.

Krooked vision.

And to all a goodnight..

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