Thursday, January 27, 2011

Unger/BJ/Eric Birthday Weekend - 1/21/ - 1/23

Friday - Kurtz & Gary are back at the Dewey.

Heated Apples to Apples sesh.

You got lots of green cards, gay ones..

Tower of Darkness.

Epic gifts from Paul.

Birthday Board.

Into town for some dart/pool destruction.

Saturday - Poppin' bottles in the ice..

Photoshop Flyer Party.

Handing out the finished product.

Gary's hair.. comin' in hot..

Let's get this party started..

Jon & The Gonch.

Some fine looking gentlemen.

Triple B.

Buddies getting ready to rage.

Eight Loko.

Unger following the spirit.

Snake gifts.

Bobby Digital.

Tanya don't smoke crack.. she luh ya'll..

Birthday Balloons courtesy of The Brig.

Oh, hai Paul.

Manchild & Sam brought their mustaches.

Upstairs was raging.

Gang's all here!

You turn into a wino when you hit 30.


Fancy bunch.

The Brit & The Brig.


Turned it into a mask party.

P2 goin' hard.

Birthday cupcakes.

The hallway was the place to be.


Back to the hallway.

Brigette was sippin' that Anaconda Malt Liquor..

Bay Shore!

Unger's new gear.

Ryan and Adam stacking clips..

Lights out for Bert.

Gift bromance.

Sunday - Kurtz pulling a Black Jon..

Finished off the weekend with the Toebock crew on this slippery bad boy.

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