Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Florida Trip - 1/29/09

$5.00 flight to Orlando for a weekend of bromance.

Vitamin C is essential for recovering from Strep Throat.

Night moves.

A welcoming by rain is never fun.

Straight thuggin' first thing in the morning!

Arts & crafts.

"Sorry, I don't smoke.. It's a disgusting habit".

Kool Aid requires 1/3 cup of sugar.

66 degrees, partly cloudy.

Josh got a new key to the crib!

Shrooms.. Trippy..

A great metaphor for life.

Another reunion with Simon! (Proudly sporting a Kuato Lives 2084 button).

Alex Elder.

About to steal that default..

Pimpin' out Vaughan's cruiser.

Lurking at Mesh.

Suicide Girl bell.

August 2009!

We had a nice Mesh family dinner at Bay Ridge Sushi.

They are really from Bay Ridge, NY.


Long waits make Simon a dull boy.

Here today..

Gone tomorrow.


Rollin' with Tupac.. no big thing.

Zap the rat.

Shred preparation.

Back to the Butter Banks.

Miles Jensen.

A poor attempt at making a spot unskateable.

John Stowe - FS Bluntslide.

Alex with a bird's eye view.

Maximum tail scrape action.

Discovering bruises.

Miles & Stanley.

Stowe & Alex, comin' in hot.

Marked crates.

Git r' done.

Florida Orange.

The artwork of Evan Smith.

Alex & the Whistle Man.

Whistle Man was hittin' that fire.

Mesh Sesh.

Vaughan posting up on the visitor's bed.

Some shotguns went down.

Natural Light.

Full house at Stanley's.

Sippin' on that..


Free sandwiches and Kool Aid, breakfast of champions.

Winds out of the south.

Following the Stowemobile.

Seizure lights.

This is where legends are made.

The sign was so ill, it made the camera go out of focus.

Best flatground spot, ever.

90 degrees underneath palm trees.

Some NY homies had their own buildings..

Even Chopper Dave had one.

This was in front of a church, pretty appropriate location..

Cruising around the Convention Center.

Stanley came up..

Peep it.

Extra Pulp?


Miles - No Comply Kickflip

Just direct-a your feets-a to Daddy Green's Pizza!

Heading back to Orlando.


Girls were wild'n out on the way to the airport.

Camera battle.

Thanks guys, see you next time!

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Anonymous said...

sweet photos. hope you had a good time down here.