Monday, February 9, 2009

Monster Jam - 2/7/09



This is how you tame a beast.

The devil.

The smell of exhaust.. the sound of modified beasts.. yes!

Joel Wilkins was phoning Pheo from Reno, NV.

Will call.

The first race of the evening.

Grave Digger made a short appearance.

A big ol' thumbs up from Pheo.

Grave Digger!

Bmx dudes being not that impressive.

The main event - Grave Digger vs. Taz!

Some father/son airtime.

Up close action.

Grave Digger said a few words.

The waiting area.

Some familiar Patchogue faces were there.

Motocross halftime show.

The motocross dudes were pretty sick, landing into a hallway looked sketchy though..


Extreme excitement from witnessing motocross backflips.

Rap Attack!

The dozer came through to jack up some trucks..

Jackin' up Rap Attack.

Not very psyched on the lack of destruction..

Things were gonna get sour if we didn't see some destruction..

Sodium overload.

Blue Thunder, gearing up to do some shredding.

Thugged out monster truck.

Getting hyped up for the freestyle competition.

Pirate flags & Grave Digger.. doesn't get any better.

Came up on some gear during the short bathroom break.

Iron Warrior!

Patchogue held it down with Grave Digger apparel.

Blue Thunder!!

Pheo, taking in a different perspective.

Things got vertical.

Way too loud for the little guys..

America! Fuck Yea!

Air Force truck.. soaring high like those F-14's.

The Escalade truck came in with a rap music theme song.. tight.

The Escalade truck caught some nice height.

Taz was tearing it up.

Grave Digger was last to go in the freestyle event..

Serious air.

Crushing through at high speeds.

Grave Digger killed it and pretty much had the curtains for the event.

The Lawnmower Man of Monster Jam.

Every day i'm hustlin'

More psyched on the merch outside, than on the inside.

Got that miniature!!

Monster truck video clip coming soon..