Monday, February 1, 2010

Monster Jam - 1/30/10

It's on!!!

Git Twizted Now Pre-Game Party!!!

Taking in some exhaust right off the bat..

Where dreams come true.

Grave Diggerrrrrrrr.

Samson. Pre-crowd disappointment.

"I can't hear youuuuu!!!"

Youth anticipation.

Moto-X setup.

Moto-X mania!!

Dramatic lighting for extreme sports.

Ear surgery.

Oh my god..

What could it be??

Crowd hype.. Only to find out...

Uhh ohhhh.. Truck down!

Crushing the hearse!

Spiderman, mid-donut.


Grave Digger catching some air.

Matty boy.

Bromance at monster trucks.

Cleanup crew.

Goodnight ladies.

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