Monday, February 1, 2010

Monster Jam - 1/30/10

It's on!!!

Git Twizted Now Pre-Game Party!!!

Taking in some exhaust right off the bat..

Where dreams come true.

Grave Diggerrrrrrrr.

Samson. Pre-crowd disappointment.

The craziest Freestyle Mania fans in the house!

"I can't hear youuuuu!!!"

Youth anticipation.

Moto-X setup.

Moto-X mania!!

Dramatic lighting for extreme sports.

Putting up Samson fists!!

Ear surgery.

Oh my god..

What could it be??


Crowd hype.. Only to find out...

Uhh ohhhh.. Truck down!

Crushing the hearse!

Spiderman, mid-donut.


Grave Digger catching some air.

Matty boy.

Bromance at monster trucks.

Crew + Arena.

Via step.

Cleanup crew.

Goodnight ladies.

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