Monday, February 8, 2010

A Weekend of Beat Loaf: 2/5 - 2/7

The moment we've all been waiting for.

Screen preparation.. Only to be moved seconds later.

Black & Chopper Dave.

Yeah Dean!!

Board Shop reunion!

A few Venetian Babes showed up to support Black Jon.

Thanks for the ride lady..

The majority of the crowd saw this much of the video.

Scott runs on Dunkin'! Congrats Scott!!

Full house.

NY Skateboarding was also documenting the event.

A blurred out Chad.

JJ came out for some Beat Loaf!!

Soon to be proud parents.

Sassa & Bragen were in attendance.

Party time.

It's a beard off.

Mighty Rob & Ronzo.

Gino & The Ronz.

Meet your maker.

Marewolf & Chops.

A hot set of new Vans for the baby!

The gang's all here.

Table-side views.

Intimate moments caught on camera.

New hair stee.

Paul y Los Lobos.

Saturday morning cartoons.

Hill bombing mission.

Bamboo mania. Look out for the bearded f-asian!

Pangaeaman Woods.. Coming soon!

Gizmo Jr!!

I seen em' too.

Black Jon dialing in his new sticker kit.

Tonight's episode of COPS..

Pat's shirt.. Comin' in hot.

Small Empire after a hot sesh at the Bronx Park.

We might need some of this on Wednesday.

The Black River strikes again.. Stacking for Beat Loaf 2?

Super Bowl party at Rich & Lis's.

Super Bowl Snack Attack.

Richie Long Fries.

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