Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fully Maloof'ed: 6/5 - 6/6

Saturday - Double mall grab??

Sholkoff. Sholkoff. Sholkoff.

Butt was all 5boro VIP and shit..

Eby was holding the tickets down at the Naysayer booth.

Would have been baking in the sun all day from this spot..

Chris Kent, Rick Sulz, Evil & EJ.

Much better..

Chopper sighting.

Yeah Ray!

Lizard King.. Chris Redden.. Same guy?

Ha.. Froston's face..

Bragen & Rick!

Oakley VIP tent.

The view from VIP looks pretty sweet..

That's a wrap.

Cruising into Brooklyn..

Destroy and rebuild.

Ended the day with a few Polish Plates.

Sunday - 15 min traffic jam to start off the day.

Captain Weird Gear & Willy Akers.

Appleyard and a happy fan.

Lizard King again..

The Ronz & Big Black.

Lil' Jon set things off!!

Po came out from PA to check the finals.

How did Pheo get out there??

The Gonz!

Susan Sarandon up in the VIP tent.. No bigs.

Chima had Bastien's back.

Lil' Jon on that purp and Patron.

Thanks Eman!

Maloofed out.

Intense finals.

Thanks to NY Skateboarding for hooking it up!!!

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