Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekend Randoms: 4/1 - 4/3

Friday - En route to Jersey City w/ some Outback homies.

Awkward train photos.

One year anniversary party/video premiere at Holmes.

Luke & Team Butt.

610 Division came through!

Packed house.

Kevin, Marcus, & Sloan!!

Video was sick, well done Justin.

Some dope displays at Holmes!

Jersey Dave & Marisa!

Julien & Luke's board as a candle holder.

Po might have found a fro soulmate..

Takes 2 to tango.

Justin & Luke almost got us kicked out for raging too hard.

Goodnight Keith.

Saturday - Started off at the Vans sample sale.

Fink bought 20 pairs.. no bigs..

Sneaker Pimp Seltz.


And the pitch...

Uh oh.

Rich doing the ol' King Tut.

Poaching footy for Pizza Time.

Creepy old guy.


Pictures of pictures.

Take me to wallie world..

Wallie world.

This guy's got snots on em'.

Time to break out the fisheye on the digi-cam..

A man and his wood.

The ol' clothes swap.. so hot right now..

Sunday - Shred for Sean at Astoria.

Tim & Sage were shredding!


Filming split pants, now in HD..

Black Jon made it out!

Finally found Chin..

Bank to curb sesh.

Some of BLVD's finest & sneaker pimp Seltz.

Mandatory BZ Grill sesh.

BZ Buds.

Pitas. Rule. Everything. Around. Me.

The front.

The back.

Poets Pizza Party.

Matt kills it even harder eating pizza.

Pow Wow.

New steeze.. King of Beers.

Miller came just in time to get some footage..

Pizza drips/Miller's hair.

Taco talk.

Ronzo Chopsticks.

A true chinaman.

Sick of it All.

More information on these shirts to follow..

There was a great turnout at Astoria on Sunday. Special thank you to all that showed up and skated for Sean and to the Creamer family for all of the love and support that day. RIP Sean, you will be missed!!

For more photos of this event, check out Chris Gurinsky's Flickr page.


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