Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekend Randoms: 4/15 - 4/17

Friday - Pancho Villas!

Getting there via Margaritas.


Saturday - Ryan & Gary arrive just in time for the windstorm..

Quick lunch stop at El Ranchito's.

Tacos. Rule. Everything. Around. Me.

Ryan had that "Philthy" gear..


Made a stop at Ben's crib for his 30th birthday party!

Old English & Coloring Books.. no bigs..

Words cannot describe this photo..

Birthday Lizards.

Chopped Liver premiere at KCDC!

DK & the man of the hour.

Memento was snappin' the flickss..

Rain crew.

Le Marewolf/Peabody.

Keith/Buck Daddy X.

That Chris Miller sure is a character..


Patiently waiting..

Play dat shit!

Pleased crowds.. Well done Ray!

Sunday - Shootin' hoops bright and early.

Fake ass bank-to-ledge sesh was raging.

Dewey Pit Stops.

20 stair hubba to wallie.. no bigs..

Coming soon.. to a Sex Tape near you..

Parking lot lakes.

FS Wallride - 3.. Connor - 0..

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