Friday, May 27, 2011

Homebase 9yr Weekend: 5/20 - 5/22

Friday - Jengaaaaaa at the Dewey.

Saturday - Judgement Day. Get some.

Roadside cherries.

Even Beer Wizards pull Black Jon's sometimes..

Mannnnyyy Maniaaaa!!!

Celebrity judges.

Bill & Robert.

The camera on a stick thing was a little too much..

Rapture heckling party at the Tavy.

Gary's new ride.

Rapture Rainbows.

Jenga party at Gary's.

Colby goin' innnn.

Weird Allentown!

Then shit got real serious...


Bert handling biz..

"Wheel bite"

8 deep in a Jetta wagon?

Rapture hype.

Breakin' into Gary's.. No bigs..

Sunday.. Bright and early.

Puke de Paul.

Ryan.. Twizted.

Gary workin' the used clothing booth.

Josh & Colbert on art patrol.


Pictures w/ Pandas by Max.

Sptifire Putting Green.

Good ol' steel.

Sleeping Wizard - Part 2

Brooklyn Indians.

2011 Trivia Night Champions - The Nutty Irishmen.

Bragging rights, baby!


Anonymous said...

gary's new whip is schwag

Eric said...

Now that is an impressive game of jenga!