Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend Randoms: 5/6 - 5/8

Multitasking to start the weekend.

Uhmm.. What's happening here?

Dudes day out.

Round 3 for Gigante.. coming soon..

Rager at Brigette's house..


Beer pong!

Fancy spread..

Jimmy/Eddy & Anne holding down the grill.

Russ & Brig.

Muller babes.

Guess that bellybutton.

Pat's first keg stand.

Brigette goin' in..

"The Gargoyle".

Back for more..

Sky High came through..

Thumbs up to you.

Saying some words..

Dancing with Jeremy.

Late night beach mission.

Great success.

Early morning views.

Paul skippin' dem thangs..

Welcome to Camp Shwateves.

He's down.

He's up.

Gaylord of the Flies.


Stumbled across this gem..

Gettin' barreled on Mother's Day.

Documentation for the future.

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