Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloweekend: 10/28 - 10/30

Friday - Tony's annual Halloween Party.

Seltzer/Chopper Dave combination.

A bouli bouli.. A Boopie Boopie.

Attn: Joeface.. This board will soon be yours.

Lights out.

Saturday - Punisher sighting to start the day..

She's all set.. Ready to roll.

Taco meeting.


iChat sesh.

Resting up for the big night..

Dewey Buds.

This is kinda weird..

Breaking Bread.

Zombie Za.

Rules of the Dewey.

Card Shark Paul.

Pat's "Kids"..

Pitch & Jill as Pandas.

Setting the evening off proper.

Hello ladies!

Packed house for Sex Tape.

Zombie Matt & Zombie Bride Dani.

Denise, Nick, Bob, Julian, Jimmy/Eddie.

Snack costumes were a big hit!

The crowd waited patiently..

Sex Tape.. Drops on Vimeo next week!

Kool Kat & Crab Man.

Pig Man & Grucci Mane.

Johnny O as sumo man.

The Ronz's first visit to 20 Dewey!

2 guys, 1 hot dog?

Izzy & Aly.

Pheo was a bunny/pig. New Hazel mascot?

And.. That's gonna be time!

Woke up to finding someone's space juice?

Sunday - Manorhaven hangover sesh...

With these buds and many others.

Fink's pumpkin grip job.

Weekend reflections.

*** Halloweekend clip drops by Friday. Go here in the meantime for some Florida shredding.

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