Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Homebase Halloweekend: 11/4 - 11/6

Back in good ol' Bethlehem!

The gang's all here!

New Homebase wall in progress for the Thanksgiving/Christmas season.

Trip was vibing Po's socks.

These guys were at a party..

Funky's eyes were open for this one w/ Josh & Melissa!

Brotto's crew.

Brothas from different mothas.

Brotto's dance party.

Wes & Rachael!

Dance party rager at You're Welcome.

Best jean jacket in all of Bethlehem.

Kurtz says time for bed..

Saturday - Red bar shred sesh.

Kurtz and Trip! haha..

Dead hooker in the trunk? Oh no, that's Kurtz.

2011 Homebase Halloween Skate Jam at Saugy.

V as Wilson from Home Improvement.

Karate Man Gary.

Shark Man Paul & Brendan as Marty McFly.

Po as Justin Bieber.

Colbert as Mummy Man.

Dustin as Captain Jack.

Kurtz with a zipper blowout..

Arsenal of coozies.

Haven't seen these in years?

Long ollie contest was off the chain!

Saugy crew..

Luke as Bubba.

Some fine Busch packaging..

Footy review.

Dice/poker crew..

Andrew Kurtz is a gamblin' man.

Sunday - Stroudsburg shredding.

Ultimate shredder..

Funnest thing EVER.

Sweepin' out the shallow.

Trip getting all the action.

Sloan's jawn.

Gnarliest barrier ever? 30 foot drop into a creek..

Nik comin' in hot..

Snake guts.

Rollie pollie snakeheads.

Short lived sesh at the best ledges ever.

Trip's clip from Sunday.. Enjoy!

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